Jake Beamer Enterprises (powerpopzen) wrote in boston_hc_bands,
Jake Beamer Enterprises

Comprehensive websites?

Hey guys. Need some help here. Just moved to NH (Bedford/Manchester area) and I'm checking out all the music. Good stuff. And great group here. Is there any website that keeps a running, accurate, and often-updated listing of New England-area shows, local and non? Just curious.

I know about justanotherscene.com, bostonpopunderground.com, etc.. any other good big sites? Just because I'm finding out just by hook or crook there's these amazing shows coming to MA like the Fire Theft and Grandaddy, the Wrens, etc, and I don't want to miss anything now that I'm finally in a good area for stuff.

Thanks in advance, hope you all can PLEASE help out if you can, and looking forward to seeing everyone at the shows.

(xposted in hopes of massive help ;)
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